What to Print for the Day – Furry Flexible Dragon


Author: MYSTICSAIGE (Cults3d)

  • Description:
    Really wanted to make a dragon that was inspired by Spirited Away’s river dragon Haku. His design is my favorite of this type of dragon.
    He has two versions, one with holes for whiskers and one without holes. The whiskers are just cut pieces of filament that is heated up just enough to fuse into the holes.
    *Make sure to take safety precautions and dont over heat it.
    Please feel free to share images of your prints, I would love to see them! ^_^
    ! For personal use only! You may not redistribute or sell my files in any way!
  • Setting:
    Print in Place – No Supports needed!
    3+ perimeters (the more the stronger it will be).
    15%+ infill.
    Make sure to enable bridge settings.
    Great in PLA.

!! Make sure to have good bed adhesion or a brim !!

**Recommended that it’s printed at 100%.


Slicing the flexible furry dragon is much easier than other stls. All the things you need to do are just adjust the layer height and select print scale unless you are pursuing the best quality. According to my previous dragon printing experience, it is very likely string and ironing occurs on the top of every single section due to the large gaps on higher layers. To fix the string and ironing, we need to calibrate the retraction setting to figure out the best retract distance. The setting I used is 0.5mm which I find slight strings on the print. Accordingly, I recommend slicing the stl at 0.6~0.7mm retraction if you decided to print with Creality PLA filament at 200 °C degrees. Another setting you can work on is to add a skirt which makes sure the dragon attaches to the hotbed firmly.


I set the layer height to 0.12mm to present this furry flexible dragon with all details, especially its scaly surface on the sides. The print turns out to be very well except slight string. I can not stress more about how retraction setting being so crucial for a perfect dragon print. If you are not sure about what setting is perfect for your printer and filament, go check out this “Perfect Retraction Setting” lesson brought by CHEP. Thanks to the flexible plate comes along with Ender-3 S1 so I can easily remove the dragon from the hot bed without breaking any section or legs.

Printer Info

Ender-3 S1

  • Sprite Direct Dual-Gear Extruder: The“Sprite” is lighter and features less inertia and more precise positioning, supports PLA/TPU/PETG/ABS print filaments.
  • Auto Leveling with Creality CR Touch
  • PC magnetic build plate: Combina with the advantage of PC Spring Steel and Magnetic Sticker for the better bed adhesion and good experience for model released.
  • Z-axis Dual-screw+Z-axis Dual-motor Design: Compares to Ender-3, Ender-3V2, Ender-3Max, Ender 3S1 has upgraded to the Dual Z-axis designadds stability to the X-axis gantry to improve printing quality and reduce the wear on the mechanical components
    * read Ender-3 S1 hands-on review

Print Outcome

Althought the dragon itself is fancy enough, I paint it green and golden before placing it on my desk. Attaching the whiskers to its holes is the most difficult thing during the whole process because the holes are two tiny for 1.75mm filament. Print the dragon at 100% can easily avoid this problem.