The Reasons Why Many Companies Use 3D Printing

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by Laura from Couponupto

You will probably need to think about the best tools and processes to perfect the design of your product prototype. There are different types of product development methods to choose from for your project. Here are the reasons many people use 3D printing as their choice.

What is 3D printing?

3D printing is the process of producing 3-dimensional solid objects from the use of a computer file. Printing occurs in a process in which a solid body is developed through successive layers of the material. You can choose whether the material is plastic or metal.

Most manufacturers nowadays accept 3D printing. In 2014, according to statistics the 3D printing industry generated about $4 billion in global revenue. Growth forecasts show that 3D printing will eventually generate more than $21 billion in revenue worldwide.

Here are the top significant advantages that 3D printing technology brings to both individuals and businesses to choose the best printing technology.

1. Shorten the production time

3D printing is faster than conventional production from prototypes to end products.

3D printing quickly checks ideas and designs. Designing and manufacturing prototypes faster mean you’ll have more time to repeat prototypes and find new products that fit the market before your competitors. By contrast, testing ideas and designs using traditional manufacturing methods can take days, even weeks.

2. Easily-accessible Technology

3D printing uses software and hardware to produce prototypes. Under a growing understanding of science and technology, accessing this technology has never been easier. It is possible to incorporate it for several days into your production cycle.

3. Quality guaranteed

Traditional manufacturing methods for complex designs can easily lead to poor quality. Parts assembled in traditional prototype production may not be compatible with each other resulting in defective products. In contrast, 3D printing allows the production of prototypes in layers, ensuring advanced designs and ultimately objects of better quality.

4. Cost savings

Your business may incur a large number of labor costs to develop a prototype. Traditional prototyping methods require a lot of labor to operate. This labor cost is high due to the difficulty of the job. You need to hire an experienced machine operator and a technician to handle the production. Also, you have to pay for the use of expensive machines. However, with 3D printing, you just can need one worker to print orders for prototype production. Not only that, you can buy 3D printing tool at a lower price when checking out tech deals at Couponxoo.

5. Freely customize the design

Traditional manufacturing techniques are good at mass-making copies of a design. It leads to similar designs and is less likely to be much improved.

3D printing gives you the freedom to create and customize your design. This makes responding to customer requirements much simpler.

6. Unlimited complexity design

Traditional manufacturing methods rely on molds and cutting technologies to produce desired shapes. Designing geometrically complex shapes can be difficult and costly with this technology. 3D printing is the solution to making it easier to produce prototypes with complex designs.

7. Can work with raw materials

The product designer must carefully consider the good materials to be used in the manufacture of the minus or injection molds. Mass production does not support mixing raw materials as it can be expensive and complicated. 3D printing easily meets the use of a wide range of raw materials including glass, metal, paper, ceramics, bio-materials, silver, and more.

8. Less waste

CNC cutting and injection molding generate a lot of waste leading to wasted resources and increasing the environmental problems facing humans today.

Unlike these two, 3D printing uses only the material needed to make a prototype part using the correct layers. As a result, manufacturing prototypes using 3D printing generates very little waste and saves a lot of money for the company.

9. Minimize the risk

When it comes to product manufacturing, an experienced designer knows that choosing the right design is crucial before investing in an expensive casting tool. Making the wrong choice can cause great losses to the business.

3D printing technology allows product designers to verify product prototypes in advance, reducing the risk of starting to make significant manufacturing investments.

In summary

3D printing allows you to turn a concept into reality faster than traditional prototype manufacturing technologies. Products are built quickly, saving you money and reducing risks. This technology promises to continue transforming every industry, changing the way we work and live in the future.

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