Review On CR-10 SMART

Someone mentioned that the day Creality stops coming out with new printers, the day will be the end of the world. So again, Creality released a super cool FDM printer during the 7th-anniversary celebration. It is called CR-10 Smart.


How smart this printer will be?

Let’s have a look!

New Appearance

Super Sports and Tech Sense Design

Creality FDM 3D printers usually are old-school in appearance. But the CR-Smart looks very cool and high-tech. For example, the design of the plastic cover for the hot-end and the storage boxes are similar to the diamond cut shape, which is very fashionable.

Creality put a plastic cover on the extruder, it not only upgraded the user experience but also makes the printer cleaner as you will never see the filament scraps on extruder gear.

The same as CR-6SE, the front flat design for the gantry looks simple and strong.

CR10Smart Super Sports Design
Extruder plastic cover
Flat design for the gantry

4.3-Inch Large LCD Touch Screen

The 4.3-inch full-view LCD touch screen with high definition is very sensitive and clear to allow users to operate comfortably. With the new upgraded interface, there are multi-language for switching, including English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, etc, which is very friendly to use.

CR-10 Smart LCD Screen

Dual Z Axis and Diagonal Support Bars

It is well known that the triangle is a stable shape. These two supporting pillars which hold the gantry will bring users a reliable feeling and more stability for printing.

CR-10 Smart dual diagonal bars

New Upgrades

Auto Bed Leveling Pre-installed

Are you struggling with bed leveling or BL Touch installation and firmware flashing? CR-10 Smart is made for you! With V2.0 upgraded automatic bed leveling system, you just need to touch the “level” option on display, the printer can auto-leveling itself without additional BL Touch kits.

Automatic Sleep Motion and Auto Shutdown

One of the upgrades is the automatic sleep and shutdown motion which will turn off the power automatically after 30 minutes of usage or right after completing the prints. As a result, users don’t need to worry about turning off the power when using the printer. This upgrade feature provides a safer environment for using a 3D printer, and it can save more energy and power.

Automatic Sleep Motion and Auto Shutdown

Ultra Silent Design

Creality designers have made the most silent driver on this machine. The self-developed 32-bits mute mainboard provides excellent muting performance. Creality lab proves that the printing noise of this machine is lower than 45 decibels, which is reduced by 25% compared to other 3D printers. Not only the mainboard, the power supply, and the fan are also low-noise customized. Thus, you can say bye to printing noise and totally enjoy silent printing.

CR-10 Smart Ultra Silent

WIFI box Per-inserted

CR-10 Smart is the first Creality 3D printer equipped with a built-in wifi function that allows users to remote control the printer anytime and anywhere after setting up the connection between the phone and the Wifi Box. Creality integrates the wifi box into the machine, making it easy for every user to set up the remote control system. Similar to setting up Creality Wifi Box, the whole setup and remote control process is done by using the Creality Cloud App. If you don’t know Creality Wifi Box: Click here.

CR-10 Smart WIFI box Per-inserted

Using Experience

Now, I would like to share a little about the experience of assembling the printer and using the new wifi function. Super easy to assemble.

Easy to Assembly

CR-10 Samrt Easy to assembly

There are only 6 parts in the box, it includes the gantry, diagonal bars, LCD screen, filament holder, machine main body case, and build plate. The X-axis-related parts, like hot-end components, extruder components are already assembled on the gantry together, so it will only take you 8 mins to assemble even you are a new 3D printer user. At the same time, the auto bed leveling mechanism simplifies the bed leveling process, so customers don’t need to level it frequently.

If you have experience in assembling other ender seris printers, then come to the challenge of assembling CR-Smart in 5 minutes.

Good Usage of Wifi Function

It is so cool that you can control your printer without an additional Wifi box or OctoPrint because Creality has already pre-inserted the Wifi in. That means you can also flash the updated firmware online.

Picture 1: 47th layer of the print; Picture 2: pic ture of the machine printing the 47th layer of the boat

After downloading the Creality Cloud App, you just need to scan the QR code on the machine and follow the steps on the app to connect the printer. The connection is stabler compared to the connection on the Creality WIFI box. You can find a model of Benchy boat on the Creality Cloud app, did the slicing setting, and print it remotely from the printer. The printing page will show the shape of the print part, current printing time, layer, and remaining time. You can also remotely adjust the nozzle and bed temperatures.

If you want to know more details about the CR-10 Smart.

Please see below Printer Parameters:

5 thoughts on “Review On CR-10 SMART”

  1. I recently bought a CR-10 Smart and am using it.
    In conclusion, this is a really good printer to not buy.
    Nothing is going right.
    1. Auto Shutdown does not work.
    2. The filament detection auto-stop function does not work properly either.
    3. The cloud app does not show the job status.
    4. No USB connection.
    This is by far the worst printer I’ve ever used.

  2. The CR-10 Smart is a great 3D Printer, well designed and manufactured.

    Yet, it currently does not have a functional USB Port, which is a major flow.

    My 3D printers are installed in the basement, and I monitor (camera view) and control them remotely with OctoPrint (on Raspberry Pi) from my PC, laptop, tablet or mobile. OctoPrint is a great, indispensable tool – I physically have to visit my 3D printers only to take off a finished print, or to change the filament. As it is, OctoPrint connects to the 3D printer via a USB Port.

    I got my CR-10 Smart end of June. A great 3D printer, yet I struggled attempting to connect OctoPrint to its external USB Port (Type A). Contacted the Creality Customer Support, and after several email exchanges got an official answer that CR-10 Smart does not support USB Connection!
    According to the content of your email, here is our suggestion for your problem.

    1. This model cannot print online via USB cable.
    2. Please connect to the printer via WiFi, download Creative Cloud, and control it via APP.
    3. Creality Cloud download address:
    Choose Android or Apple system to download on the homepage
    4. Please refer to the video operation for WiFi connection:

    Very disappointing and very, very frustrating!

    With time, the Creality Cloud may be the greatest success ever. We all wish Creality success. Yet for now it is still in its infancy. It will take a lots of time and effort to come be able to compare to the OctoPrint and its wide user base worldwide. Besides, I much prefer to work on my large PC screen, with precise and comfortable keyboard and mouse control, than on a small mobile screen. And, it does not make any sense to video link and control my 3D printer over the Cloud, when it is only a few meters away and OctoPrint is on my home WiFi network! For me, OctoPrint is a must! Every 3D printer should have a fully functioning USB Port for OctoPrint.

    Most certainly I am not alone with this problem. There are a few posts on this Creality Forum addressing the CR-10 Smart USB problem (not many posts though, it still is a very new Creality 3D Printer). There is a post with an external link to some modification ( where the author has modified the printer to successfully hook to some internal USB port… I am very reluctant to do that, not only for the sake of the 1 year Creality warranty, but much more because of the risk with some future official firmware or hardware upgrades. A 3D printer modified that way is not a Creality Printer any more, Creality has no responsibility for it!

    My suggestion is that together we raise a strong voiced request to Creality to officially develop a CR-10 Smart Upgrade/Modification fully activating the external USB Port, so that the very popular OctoPrint can hook to it. For Creality, that is a very easy upgrade. For the User base, it is an important feature resolving a big problem on the CR-10 Smart otherwise very good 3D Printer. If such an upgrade would cost a bit extra, I am certainly ready to pay for it.

    Creality, please fix officially the CR-10 Smart USB Port functionality as soon as possible, without it this very fine 3D Printer is crippled.

  3. There is no mention of what system of bed levelling is implemented nor what the hot-end is and its capabilitys or if it has dual-fan cooling, which board is used to control the printer and what are the specifications of the board, you mention the dual Z axis but is it in sync

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