Recommended 3D Printables for Pets

Have you ever wondered about anything special that you can bring to your pet with 3D printing? I have some recommendations for 3d printable pet gadgets in this article. Everything comes to be expensive if related to pets. You should print them not only because of how expensive are the pet toys but also the uniqueness of the bond between you and your pet. There are a lot of ways to use your 3D printer to enhance the lives of your pets, and here we’re going to look at a few of my favorites.

Pet Poop Grabber

Technically, you can use this grabber for everything, including picking up your pet’s poop. Anyone who walks their dogs (cats also, if they are convinced to exercise) will find it useful, especially for people who don’t want to grab their pet’s poop even with gloves, and that’s me. Poop grabbers are likely to charge you around $20 on Amazon. The grabber was designed with no tolerance on the holes so everything s a tight fight and may need a touch of sanding/persuasion. You can add as many of the upper arms you desired to make the grabber longer.

Ball Scoop and Launcher

Want to have a happy afternoon with your dog in dog parks? All you need is a ball and this ball launcher! With this scoop, you can literally launch a small ball or tennis ball across long distances with a friend. Perfect for a time in the park or on the beach!


This parametric cat tracking toy is my favorite selection for cat toys. The design has multiple versions that can serve 1~4 kittens at the same time and that is a good method to increase the bond between cats. Though you will need to put in a ball that will attract their attention as they learn to explore their instincts and play behaviors. Also, you will need a large format 3d printer for this design since it must be printed at one time. I recommend printing this toy on CR-10 Series (300*300*400 mm) and Ender-5 Plus (350*350*400 mm).

Medium Dog Camera Harness

Seen people mount the cameras on their pets and have an idea about how wild they are? You can do that with this dog camera harness! This set of harness will help to see through your pet’s eyes and it is always a hilarious experience!

Assistive Devices for Assistance Dogs

Want to train your furry naughty pets to a good assistants? Here is what you need! Train your pet to open the door or turn on/off the light by using these 3d printable assistive devices. Also, it is not only people who need their assistance, but also you want your pet to manipulate the environment which is not designed for them!


Cats are not lazy creatures who sleep all day long if you find the correct toys for them, and sure you want to consume their energies by play toys instead of destructive behaviors. This cat fishing rod toy can definitely draw their attention. The swaying motion of the toy tight to the end of the rod will encourage cats to jump and chase. For the need for precision to print the components, Ender-3 S1 is 100% capable to print it out clean and smooth.

Hamster Wheel

Speaking of hamster toy, you will definitely think about hamster wheels and it is also printable! Check out this hamster wheel and create a dream home for your pet hamster. A wheel can be a great way to burn energy and provide healthy exercise.

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