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Why is a student always short of time?

The brutal lack of time is the problem of every modern student. It used to be that a student who had debts in several subjects was considered pathologically lazy. Now many students have simply become victims of the modern rhythm of life, accelerating every year and requiring young people to reconsider their time resources. But you can’t add an extra hour to the day, and there’s still a lot to do.

The day of a student is most often scheduled by minutes, but unfortunately, in this schedule is not in the first place the preparation for the session. Do not rush to resent that today’s students are irresponsible. Quite the contrary. Many students study at the same time in two faculties in order to obtain two professions by the time they graduate. This is dictated by the rigid laws of the modern labor market, and having two degrees is an opportunity for a young professional to become more in demand.

Many undergraduate and graduate students attend foreign language courses, web design courses, marketing, and business training, and other similar wisdoms. This is necessary in order to navigate freely in the modern world. It is clear to every student that no less than formal education now means gaining various knowledge, and professional skills along with practical experience and broadening your horizons.

Many students to the last year of the arranged on a specialty, someone, having mastered copywriting, at night, writing articles, someone simply moonlighting loader or in a pizzeria. Combining work with learning is not in vain, something has to be sacrificed. Of course, it would be desirable that the teachers do not consider truant those who do not attend all the lectures and seminars. And also to look at the student who fell asleep peacefully in class with different eyes – maybe it is a modern student who last night tried to become financially independent from his parents. 




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