Ender 7 The real high-speed FDM printer

Hello. My friend, I am so excited to introduce a totally new FDM printer to you guys. It got a very clean name, Ender 7.

Yep, Creality fans maybe found that Creality had released this printer yesterday. The first time I know this printer is on the 3D Printing Nerd channel. He made a live stream on Ender 7 unboxing last week. That was the first public appearance of Ender 7.

I have watched the whole video_Creality Ender-7 First Print LIVE. That was a great live show and I enjoyed it. By the way, someone even proposed in the live broadcast, and it worked, what a moving love story!

Ender 7 the most important feature is Core XY structure, many people may do not know what is it very well. There are many explanations on Google. You can also check here to figure out what is it. Now I would like to make you understand in the best way.

In the conventional printer, the X-axis motor controls movement in the X-direction, and the Y-axis motor controls movement in the Y-direction, right? This part is easy to understand. However, in the Core-XY structure, one of the motors controls the 45-degree oblique motion and the other one controls another 45-degree oblique motion. The2 motors working simultaneously to control the movement of the hothead. In this way, the printer can be more stable and achieve higher print speeds.

Unfortunately, the unboxing Ender 7 seems to not have such great luck. It failed due to the deformation of the hotbed brackets for some reason. No doubt that this is a big mistake for Creality marketing. Look at the below picture. It may get a bump in transit.

No matter what the reason is, I have never seen how fast the printer is. Besides, ender 6 has the Core XY structure as well. However, Ender 6 does not reach the speed in the theory, it is the same as the previous generations of machines. Therefore, I think there is No high light.

But when I actually touched Ender 7 printer today, I think I’ve changed my opinion. Although Ender 7 is the same as Ender6 with Core XY structure, the moving components are completely different. As you can see in the below pictures, Ender 7 is using linear rails for Core XY. What is linear rail, and what are the advantages of it? You can check this article from 3ALLDP for better reference.

No doubt, this is more reliable than the combination of casters and V profiles like Ender 6. In my opinion, Ender 6 only updated the advanced structure, but other accessories are not upgraded, so the overall performance can not be improved too much. For example, even there is a stronger engine, but without a better gearbox in a car, there is no way to play the maximum speed.

The next things I was impressed with were the extruder and hotbed. In order to work with the higher print speed, Ender7 uses a metal double gear extruder. As you know the metal gears generate heat during high-intensity continuous operation, which may cause filament breakage or damage. Therefore, you can see that Creality also add a fan for the extruder.

All the details show that Creality really wants to achieve higher-speed printing on Ender 7. If you say that Ender 6 is a fake high-speed printer, even installed the Core XY, then the Ender 7 is a real High-speed FDM printer. The fact is that it really can print with 250mm/s, which is 5 times faster than other printers.

For those who want to print more quickly, you deserve it!

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  1. I must have gotten a defective one, my experience was very differenI’ve had an ender 5 for a year or so and absolutely love it. I have had the ender 7 for about a month now and it has been a nightmare. I’m at about a 75% fail rate with the 7 when I have only had a handful of failed prints with my 5 in the entire time I’ve owned it. I’ve even dialed the 7 back to the same speeds I print with my 5 but it just fails. I’ve noticed that the center of the bed is slightly lower than the corners so the corners have to scratch to get the nozzle close enough to adhere in the middle. Nothing sticks and most of the time a piece of the print will come up and cause a failure. The failures also don’t spaghetti on the 7 for me, they just pull up into the hot end and then I spend a couple hours pulling a huge blob of filament from my hot end. My latest attempt to help was ordering a custom PEI bed in hopes of improved adherence to the bed. Didn’t help, still failing most prints. Even the few that competed are warped on the bottom where parts have come up.

    Also, the printer is way louder than the 5. I’d stay away from this one, wouldn’t recommend to anyone

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