Creality Wifi Box-User Experience

5. Select “Join” to access the CWB’s network.

6. Then, the page will jump to your Wifi list

7. Choose your Wifi name and type the Wifi password TWICE.

If you followed all the instruction carefully and typed you Wifi password correctly, you should see a page like this. Printer Online!

Now, we have the link between a 3D printer and a smartphone via Wifi. Creality Cloud provides countless free STL files for downloading and other functions like online slicing&printing, model uploading, group chatting and so on. 

These are the steps I did when I installed a  CWB. I will continue my CWB testing work and keep update this article. You are welcome to leave some comments or suggestions below. 

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6 thoughts on “Creality Wifi Box-User Experience”

  1. It does not really work very well…

    My main use point would be monitoring printing.

    a) in local network you can do “nothing”. Only look at and chang basic configuration. There is an option to see video stream, but it doesn’t work. Links to internal network of box. Even with a route added manually it doesn’t show video.

    b) in App there is not much you can do at all. I don’t want to slice in cloude etc, only want to slice on my computer and send it to printer and monitor the running print. Cannot do that at all. Only thing I can do is watch video, but it is very small, only 1/5 of screen is used. The App will not switch to landscape mode and the video does not fill the screen.

    It’s cheap, but it is not even worth 10$ in current state.

  2. I’ve had the CWB for two weeks or so. I have attempted 50+ times to get it to work, both with wifi and wired to the router. I get to the place where it asks for the password twice. I enter the password twice, hit done and wait. Nothing ever happens. I’ve let it sit 2+ hours, and nothing. If I touch the screen on my iPad the password request screen goes away, but it never connects. There is a properly formatted microSD in the slot. I have followed every step precisely (I’m a bit OCD when it comes to that sort of thing). Nothing works.

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