Creality Wifi Box-User Experience

Creality Wifi Box-User Experience

User Experience

Do we need it and how to use it

modified on Sep 18h, 2020


Creality released a new product called “Creality Wifi Box” in 2020. (I will shorten it to CWB in this article.). It is a device that connects to an FDM 3D printer and provides a wireless connection to a smart device like a smartphone or iPad. It helps us to get rid of the SD card or cable and remote a  printer from ANYWHERE.

The Creality Wifi Box(CWB) Will Bring A New Revolution Of Wireless Connection For FDM 3D Printers.

As one of the testers of the CWB, I’d like to share my experience with this new product. I hope this article could be helpful for people who already have the box or who are interested in the box.

Wireless Printing

For most of the DIY 3D printers, they can only read the Gcode files by inserting an SD card or using a USB cable. It’s kind of out of date if we think that we live in 2020! But it is the truth.

Some Users start to find new ways to let the 3D printers join in the modern world—-Be wireless. 


OctoPrint, for example, is a successful approach for wireless printing. OctoPrint is a web interface for 3D printers that allows users to control and monitor all aspects of 3Dprinters. However, OctoPrint is hard to set up. Users have to go through many settings on their devices to get it working. What’s more, OctoPrint works with Raspberry Pi, which means you have to buy a Pi for more than $50.

Creality Wi-Fi Cloud Box

Creality Wi-Fi Cloud Box provides an easy way to connect a 3D printer with smart devices. All you need to do is to connect the Wi-Fi box to a power adapter and a 3D printer, download the Creality Cloud APP on your smart devices and add the CWB to your account by scanning the unique QR code on the box.


Creality Wifi Box truly accomplishes the meaning of wireless. Although OctoPrint is very powerful, it is limited within the 3D printer area (under the same Wifi network). The remote device has to be placed on the same network as your connected 3D printers.

Once the CWB is linked to Wi-Fi and a smart device, you can control the printer from literally anywhere as long as your device has the internet.

Creality Wifi Box provides a new 3D printing experience. It is very friendly for general 3D printer users because the CWB is easy to get installed to your network. Also, the Creality Cloud offers an energetic and creative community where users can download unlimited STL files for free, share their models, and the most important feature, online slice&print STL files.

Features of CWB

1. Cost-effective (19.9 USD)
2. Easy installation
3. Remote&Print from anywhere
4. Creality Cloud(free STL models, idea sharing, on-line slicing and printing)


Step 1 Open Box

1x Wifi box
1x Power Cable(micro USB)
1x Guide Book

There is no cable prepared for connecting a 3D printer, since each printer may have a different USB port. Also, there is no power adapter. You can use any cellphone adapter that is 5V/2.4A(≥2A) for a power supply.

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6 responses to “Creality Wifi Box-User Experience”

  1. It does not really work very well…

    My main use point would be monitoring printing.

    a) in local network you can do “nothing”. Only look at and chang basic configuration. There is an option to see video stream, but it doesn’t work. Links to internal network of box. Even with a route added manually it doesn’t show video.

    b) in App there is not much you can do at all. I don’t want to slice in cloude etc, only want to slice on my computer and send it to printer and monitor the running print. Cannot do that at all. Only thing I can do is watch video, but it is very small, only 1/5 of screen is used. The App will not switch to landscape mode and the video does not fill the screen.

    It’s cheap, but it is not even worth 10$ in current state.

  2. I’ve had the CWB for two weeks or so. I have attempted 50+ times to get it to work, both with wifi and wired to the router. I get to the place where it asks for the password twice. I enter the password twice, hit done and wait. Nothing ever happens. I’ve let it sit 2+ hours, and nothing. If I touch the screen on my iPad the password request screen goes away, but it never connects. There is a properly formatted microSD in the slot. I have followed every step precisely (I’m a bit OCD when it comes to that sort of thing). Nothing works.