Creality UV Curable Resin

Hi, Everyone, Gald to see you guys again.

Great news! With the HALOT series resin printers released on the seventh-anniversary celebration, Creality has launched complementary products——Creality UV Curable Resin.

Today, I am going to introduce this new UV resin product made by Creality. What makes him stand out? Come with me, let us take a look!

When I got the UV resin from the Creality R&D department guy, I feel that Creality does really takes this product very seriously. The resin bottle is well packaged with an inflatable bag. I usually see this kind of packaging when I buy wine online. Good job!

Same as most manufacturers, it is a 500 ml volume bottle. The color that I got was flesh, but there are some other colors, like flesh, black, and transparent. Actually, I like grey as it is the best color for presenting details of the prints. But now I only got flesh.

I was been told that the features of this resin are rapid curving, non-brittle, light odor, and great quality and detail for the prints.

I also got the details of the resin parameters are following:

In my own opinion, these data are useless to me, because as a general user, I only care about if it is easy to use and the real experience of using. So come with me to do some test for it.

Light Odor

I am wondering that how low will the odor be? When I opened the cap with a skeptical attitude to smell it, trust me, you will remember that the chemistry teachers have taught us how to identify the smell of chemical reagents. I was like this:


If you need to smell the odor of a  chemical, waft or fan the fumes toward your nose with one hand. Do not put your nose over the container and inhale the fumes.

So I do not blame Creality, that is my fault, I should not smell it with my nose over the bottle. Perhaps compared with resin from other brands, the test data proves that it is indeed less volatile, or the smell is less irritating. However, in my personal opinion, it still has a little stronger odor than some of the other resin.

Rapid Curving

Someone may want to ask that isn’t the speed of printing determined by the exposure time? But you have to know that the different LCD printers have different standard exposure times, but the resin also has a relatively large impact on the model result. They don’t exist singularly.

Here is the best parameters settings with different LCD pinters for your reference.

The fact is that I can use 2.1 seconds for layer exposure with this resin and I also could get high-quality prints.


Creality curable resin is designed with good toughness to provide prints a better performance on brittleness. It’s less likely to break small features on a print. I am most interested in this feature. I printed a small sword and was trying to break it, but it is a little difficult to break it, I have to bend it very hard to break it.

Even it is so hard to break, I am surprised by its non-brittle feature. As you can see, this sword has been bent very much, but still not broken.

There is another interesting finding. I have also printed a little man with Creality resin and the other brand resin. The flesh is made of Creality resin and the grey one is made of “other brands“. The flesh looks more solid-ish. The grey one looks more plastic-ish.

In order to prove my feeling, I measured the weight of these two little men. The result is that the flesh one is heavier than the grey one 22%!

Good Quality and Great detail

As you can see, the model printed by HALOT-Sky is amazing, super detailed. When you touch the top part of the church with your figure, you can even feel the sensation of needles. I was impressed by the result.

However, it is hard to say it is because of the UV resin, instead of the HAlOT-SKY printer. In my opinion, I prefer to believe that the high level of detail is due to the printer itself, rather than the resin material.

I did not print the same model with the other resin for testing because I can basically conclude that the result will be the same, at least with the naked eye is not to distinguish any difference. If you are interested in this feature and would like to find out the truth, I am glad to see you do a test and tell me that I was wrong. I will apologize for my subjective speculation.