What’s Special About Creality HP PLA Filament?

PLA is the most commonly used and user-friendly material for 3D printing due to its outstanding properties such as relatively low melting temperature and various color choices. There are many brands that sell PLA filament at a similar price, and it’s hard to tell the difference among those filaments. Thus, What’s special about this Creality HP PLA?

About the Filament

Creality HP PLA is a high-performance filament with good printing quality. The spotlights are the unique surface texture, better tensile strength, and high-quality printing results. By using this type of filament, it’s less likely to clog the nuzzle and have stringings and blobs on a part, and it’s more likely to get a better print with a more accurate dimension. The table below shows the filament parameters. The price of the Filament is now $29.99.

Filament Parameters

Net Weigth:1KG
Printing Temperature190 – 220 °C
Tensile Strength:60 MPa
Package Weight:1.15KG
Package Size:210*210*75 mm
ColorBlack, White, Gray, Rose Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, OrangeSize of filament wheel:
Diameter 200mm, height 70mm, hole diameter 56mm
Filament Diameter:1.75 mm ± 0.05


Some Highlights

We used a new spool of Creality HP PLA filament and another filament that is around a similar price on Ender 3 to print some parts and tested the difference between them. After printing some Benchy boats and testing cubes, we compared the parts and concluded some special features about the Creality HP PLA.

Good Package with a resealable plastic bag

The spool was nicely sealed in a plastic bag with a desiccant pouch to make sure that the filament is dry before use. The great thing was that the bag was resealable with a zip, so users could put the filament back to the bag and store it if they want to. The filament is also fairly wounded, which decreases the chance of breaking filament during the print.

Nice Filament Tolerance and Smooth Extrusion

We firstly measured the filament diameter three times which were 1.74mm, 1.74mm, and 1.76 mm. The diameter is fairly consistent with a small tolerance, which would decrease the chance of clogging. On the other hand, we also preheated the nuzzle and extruded some Creality HP PLA filament. It melted and came out uniformly and constantly with no bubbles. It sticks on the heat bed when the bed temperature is 70 °C.

Fewer Stringings, Fewer Blobs

The first print we have done was Benchy boats with Bed 70℃, Nozzle 200℃, Speed 50mm/s settings. As shown on the right picture below, the boat printed by HP PLA filament had less stringing than the left picture. The line on each layer looked more consistent without big blobs. Furthermore, Creality HP PLA remained a good performance when the temperature is higher above 200℃. Unlike other PLA filaments that created more stringings, Creality HP PLA kept the print quality almost the same as printed at lower temperatures.

Another Filament
HP PLA Filament

Better Dimensional Accuracy, Unique Surface Texture

Creality HP PLA filament is made by a new raw material formula that allows it to print more accurate parts. The test cube printed by Creality HP PLA has a more accurate dimension with an accuracy of ± 0.01mm compared to another filament whose accuracy is around ± 0.03 mm. The texture of the Creality HP PLA print was not as shiny as another print; instead, it has a unique matte-like texture. The surface actually looks better since the line on each layer does not show as obviously.

HP PLA Filament
Another Filament


Creality HP PLA is special in the matte-like print texture and quality. If you are looking for a PLA material that makes the print look less shiny and has better print quality. Try out this filament. The thing to be noticed is that it requires a higher bed temperature to stick the HP material on the plate. The recommended temperature is 70 °C.

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