Creality CR30 Belt 3D Printer Introduction

Creality CR30 Belt 3D Printer Introduction

Creality CR30 Belt 3D Printer Introduction

As 3D printers get more and more popular and useful in our daily life, many 3D printers lovers are looking for new types of printers that can provide a more exciting and practical printing experience. In this article, we will introduce Creality’s new innovation —— CR 30 belt 3D printer.

Belt 3D printer

In general, a belt printer uses a conveyor belt that is usually made of high strength and durable materials like Nylon. Unlike other FDM printers, which have a fixed build plate size, belt printers’ “build plate” is a rotating belt. This unique feature allows a belt printer to print long length models or small models continuously.


Standard Printer Nozzle Angle

  • A standard 3D printer normally has a nozzle kit that is vertical to its print bed.
  • There are 3 limit switches for each direction.
  • The common frame structure is cubic or gantry.
  • Fixed print volume.

Belt Printer Nozzle Angle

  • A belt 3D printer has a nozzle kit that is 45 degrees to its print bed.
  • There are 2 limit switches for X and Y direction.
  • Triangle shape.
  • Fixed X Y length, unlimited Z length.

Creality CR-30

CR-30 is another new member of CR series 3D printers after the CR6 SE. It is also known as 3DPrintMill. There are many distinguishing features that make this printer interesting and promising.

Basic Infomation

700800CR30 Anatomy

Key Features

  1. Print SIze: 200*170*∞ mm( L*W*H).
  2. Total Power: 350W
  3. Print Speed: less than 180mm/s
  4. Printer weight: 15.6KG
  5. CoreXY structure

Features with Photos


Belt printers use different software to slice models. So does CR 30. When we get the CR 30 printer, there is a package of files inside the SD card, including the slicer——Creality Belt Cura. We need to use this specific software for the belt printer.

If we use Cura before, the new slicer will be no strange to us, since it is a modified version of Cura. Creality Belt Cura has almost the same operation windows and functions as Cura. Only a few settings are specifically for the Belt printer.

Test Print