CR200B Enclosed 3D Printer Review

CR200B Enclosed 3D Printer Review

CR-200B Enclosed 3D Printer Review

CR-200B is the ideal FDM 3D printer for Personal use and organizations. Individuals can use it as personal hobbies and production tools; Small businesses can use it to save budget and improve design processes; Educational institutions can use it to provide students with more practical skills.

CR200B Technical Specifications


Build Volume200*200*200mm
Printer size411*435*503mm
Compatibale Filament Diameter1.75mm
Net Weight16KG
Input115-235V AC 50-60Hz
Output 24V
Power Output


Driving SystemX,Y——Belts-Shafts
MainBoard32bits Ultra-silence
Feeder Type Gear
Display4.3-Inch LCD Touchscreen
Print HeadSingle nozzle with dual cooling fans
Nozzle Diameter0.2-0.8mm
HotendCreality CR-6SE Hotend
Machine MaterialABS+PC+Metal


Print Precison±0.1mm
Print Speed<80mm/s
Nozzle Temperature<260 °C
Hotbed Temperature<100 °C
Operating Sound<52dBA
Preheating timeHotend <1min (180℃)
Bed Leveling Maunal
Recommend MaterialsPLA, ABS, PETG



CR200B is assembled at the factory in order to let users use the printer when they receive the package.

When we get this printer, All we need to do is install the filament holder and insert the filament, no more screws or wires connections. Though the hotbed is pre-levelled, it is always a good practice to relevel it before we start the first print.


Unlike other FDM 3D printers, which usually use V-shaped rollers and standard extrusions to achieve the power transition from motors to linear motions, CR200B equips with solid shafts and bearings to help the 3axis’ movements.

Compares to the roller, bearings can provide more stable movement and better print quality.


One of CR200B’s great advantages is that this printer is 98% enclosed. ( only small opened space for the cables). With this feature, CR200B is able to print high-temperature materials like ABS. At the same time, it keeps all the heat and smells inside the printer.

There are a front door and a removable top cover on the printer. Users can set up the printer and take out models easily.

Controllable LED light bar

CR200B has a bright LED light bar and it can be turned on or off from the touchscreen. This feature is very helpful when we want to level the hotbed and check the printing status, especially during the night time.

Other Features

  1. 4.3-inch Touchscreen
  2. Filament run-out sensor
  3. Powerful cooling fans
  4. Convenient levelling and clamping
  5. Solid Z-axis shafts
  6. Hidden belts and cables

Overall, CR-200B is a new type of Creality 3D printer that will be released in 2021(pre-sale now). It comes out will all new outlooks, reliable printer parts and user-friendly functions. CR-200B has many useful features, such as the enclosed frames, front open door, large-size touchscreen and so on. Compare to other DIY 3D printers like ender 3, CR-200B is more good-looking and can be placed in a public environment. In this article, we will have a close look at this printer and find out its features.


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