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Z Axis not stepping up the correct height - Layer problems

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Hi all,


I am having severe problems that have seemingly come out of nowhere.


I have calibrated e-steps, flow, and levelled the bed.  I have also done a auto pid using jyers new FW.


The problem i have is that when printing I can get a perfect first layer printed but then after this for a good few number of layers the print prints like the nozzle is too close and it looks like there is scarring from the nozzle on the print and some times like its over extruded.


I printed a 20x20x20 cali cube and it was perfect 20mm in the x and y but the z height was 19mm.  Also the top layer of the cube was printed fine without the scarring or dragging from the nozzle.


Can anyone provide me any help on how to resolve this. The only thing i have changed is the hotend just for another stock/normal ender 3 v2 hotend.


You can see in the pictures atached the first layer is pretty much perfect but then the second layer is awful.

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@carlbailey Seems you forgot your attachment. I guess your Z-axis motor is losing some steps. So could you please check the coupling for the Z-axis screw, the brass guide sleeve on Z-axis is tight?

Also if the voltage on the mainboard for the Z-axis port is 0.56-0.58, the lower voltage may cause step losing.