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[Solved] x axis not working when it reaches close to the stopper (ender 3 v2)

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my printer always worked fine until today. today when i started up my printer, and tried to auto-home it, the x axis moved smoothly and fine until it came 1-0.5 cm to the x axis stopper. it made this horrible grinding noise and it couldnt move. the belt becomes really tight towards the stopper and I think that the motor is having trouble pulling it. i tried pulling the belt myself, and it was so tight it wouldn't budge (i do have my belt tensioned correctly) but when I pushed the print head, it moved fine. i have been searching for 1-2 hours, and i have found things about the belt grinding all around the x axis bar but nothing about it only grinding near the stopper that helped on reddit, youtube, or even the creality support forums/website. thank you to anyone who can help.



edit: this was just a little problem, i removed the belt and re installed it and adjusted the tension to fix it. issue fixed.

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@teddy Yes. it should be your belt issue. Maybe something fell between the belt and the gear.