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What's my problem? Bed adhesion?

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I printed this piece on my Ender 3 V2 a few months ago and it looked great. Haven’t used the printer since then and am having problems. First I couldn’t get the PLA filament to adhere to the glass print bed AT ALL. I re-leveled the bed, raised the bed temperature to 70C, and slowed down the printing of the initial layer so that it was going at half the default speed. All that made the initial layer appear to start sticking to the bed just fine. I also use purple glue stick – which has made things stick flawlessly in the past.  But if you look at the picture you’ll see the print I did a few months ago on the left, and today’s print on the right. Nasty. We’re looking at the bottom/initial layer in this photo. Can anyone diagnose what the problem might be here? Why the lines are SO inconsistent and wobbly? Really appreciate any feedback, suggestions of things to try, etc. Thanks!

(the print on the left has rubber pads glued to it in the circular areas, ignore those)

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@scout3030 Obviously that’s because the first layer didn’t stick tight enough. I attached a picture, you can see the filament lines did not stick together, but they still can be printed. 

The fact is my build bed is not perfect and I can not level it better. But you can try your leveling, let the nozzle closer to the bed a little more.