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Weird layer shift and bottom layer issue.

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Hi everyone,
I've bought recently used Ender 3 V2 wtih BLTouch. After some time, some weird layer separation/shift began to form. I have no idea how to call it. I am new to 3d printers, this is my first 3d printer.

This is photo of first issue. It happens on the same height on all prints I make. Could this be because of bent Z rod?


The second issue

I've marked red because two other grooves are ment to be there. I bet it's because of bad level. I've cleaned bed with isopropyl alcohol when bed was cold. Also tried to do manual leveling, but my glass is bent down on the middle. I think BLTouch is working properly, added the commands BLTouch needs to work properly to slicer. One time I've messed up with Z offset and dragged nozzle to the glass but I was making small prints and didn't see any issue. Now I've started to make bigger prints and I see that. Could it be because of damaged nozzle/glass bed? Could this weird layer shift be because of damaged nozzle also?

By the way, I was printing this with 200-210C extruder and 80C bed (prints was coming off middle print at lower temps). Also I don't have any enclosure and I have around 21C in printing room, but windows aren't tight so sometimes there is blow of cold air (not much).