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Teflon Tube won't stick to pneumatic connector

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Hello Dear Creality Team

I bought this printer back in march as my first 3D-printer and had good experiences, so thank you for that.
Now the printer has become jammed at the pneumatic connector, so I could not exchange the filament anymore. Instead of the new filament going into the teflon tube, it would instead spin along the wheel that feeds new filament into the nozzle (the metallic part of the wheel which is below the large blue wheel and connected to it).
In order to fix that, I have come to execute the steps in the Youtube-tutorial “Ender-3 V2 3D Printer | Cleaning Nozzle Heat-break Tutorial” as can be found in this link:
This helped me to unjam the pneumatic connector, and I was able to feed the new filament in nicely again. However, I ran into a new problem. When I insert the teflon tube back into the pneumatic connector, as is shown at 2:15 in the tutorial, the teflon tube does not stick well to the pneumatic connector anymore, even after inserting the blue clasp.
Judging by the video, my parts seem to be alright and none of them are damaged. Yet, when I start printing, the teflon tube just falls out of the pneumatic connector and hangs loosely in the air. The filament goes through then, and the blue wheel keeps spinning, thus feeding more filament through the pneumatic connector, but it won’t end up in the nozzle anymore because the teflon tube is no longer connected, creating a mess.
Are you familiar with this problem? I would love to get some support.
Thank you for your help.
Image attached.