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No voltage from Y Axis stepper

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Hello everyone!

I am very new to the 3D printing world and just recently bought an Ender 3 V2 printer. After a couple of weeks of succesful printing, I have come to an issue. At first it was layer shifting. Then, the Y axis motor started to make a loud grinding noise. When I hear the noise I notice that’s when the layer shifting occurs. basically the motor stops rotating and makes the noise. Auto homing now is almost impossible. I notice that if I tighten the belt it gets worse, if I loosen it, it becomes better. Lowering the Y Axis speed seems to (in most cases) solve the issue. 


So i decided to measure the VREF voltages of the stepper drivers. All were within specs, but the Y axis measures 0 volts. No matter if I rotate the potentiometer either way, it makes no difference. However the motor works if I tell it to move.


Is there anything that I am missing or I just got a defective printer? Do I have to change the motherboard altogether? Is there any other solution?


Thank you all !!