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New Hot end to deal with temps over 220C and 6 hour prints?

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Been trying to print some PETG and ASA, both require temps above 225C, with bed temps more in the 70-80C range.   

I can achieve those temps on the E3V2 - BUT depending on temp, will get a shutdown for "thermal runaway" anywhere from 2-6 or so hours into the print.

I'm not sure HOW the thermal runaway is detected, but wondering if changing out the hotted for something like a Micro Swiss will alleviate the problem.  I'm NOT looking to disable the thermal runaway settings - I just want to figure out how to get prints done with these other materials.

Has anyone achieve running their hotted at 230-240C with a bed temp of around 70-80C for long prints (6-12 hours)?  And if so - how?