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Lines in print walls

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I create cookie cutters for my wife’s online cookie store, and lately I’ve been having some issues with lines in the walls of the cutters. They don’t seem to occur in the same spot every time, but when they do occur it seems to be at equal intervals in the print. I’m printing in 1.75mm PLA. Slicer is Cura version 4.8.0. Does anyone have any advise on resolving this? Anything I print that’s over about a half inch or ends up having these lines. 

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@awpeebles Basically, it is at the same height. So, I recommend you check the lead screw. Is there any apparent defect? Then you may need to check your Z motor.

Test the resistance value of the motor pins of red arrows and blue arrows pointed. The resistance value of the two pairs of pins should be the same, otherwise, the motor has problems, you need to replace the motor.