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Error: Detect the file unexpectedly stopped last time.

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My printer has not been used for several weeks and over the weekend I wanted to print a few things and I keep getting the error below when initializing a print.

"Detect the file unexpectedly stopped last time" is displayed on the screen shortly after initializing the print and reaching the operation temp. Sometimes it happens immediately, and sometimes it makes it as far as printing the purge lines down the side of the build plate before it quits and displays the error.

I have tried the following:

Power off and restart several times.

Re-formatted and re-uploaded the file to the machine.

Tried an alternate print file that previously worked.

Used a new sd card.

Re-flashed the firmware.

Updated to the most recent version of Cura.

Printer details are below:

Ender-3 V2

Model#: US1-Ender3 V2-FBA

Motherboard: 4.2.2

Purchase date from Amazon: 10/16/2020

Any help would be appreciated.

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@usmc2033 Looks like it is a firmware issue, but you flashed the firmware. No clue.

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