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[Sticky] Broken 3 pin connector

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Yesterday my new Ender 3 V2 was delivered.
Unfortunately, a 3 pin connector is broken. (see picture)
Because this connector is probably not too expensive, I don´t want to exchange the whole printer.

Maybe someone knows the exact name for this connector or have a link to this item? (white 3 pin connector for the crimp contacts of the x-axis).
Preferably from a German website, e.g., so that the package does not take too long to get to Munich. (Germany) 😉

Would anyone else have a picture of the X-axis cable layout? (I don't want to plug the crimp connectors the wrong way around.)

Thanks a lot!

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@flo12321 That is the Limit switch connector/cable for Z-axis. You can check on Amazon. Please install according to the user manual.