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Auto cool-down not working

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Hey all - 

I've been running the Ender 3 V2 for about 1.5 yrs and all has been working flawlessly.

Recently, the machine has failed to cool-down after a print and does not return the bed to 'gift mode' (tray fully slid forward to present the project). Also, tons of stringing as of late.


Google led me to checking for gap between the Bowden tube and the nozzle and I'm in process of doing the Thingiverse hack using the spacer. Upon doing so, I noticed the nozzle was extremely dirty (caked w/ filament, likely from resting upon the finished job), so I put the spare one on that came with the kit. This resolved the stringing issue and the prints have been successful but the job still isn't presenting / cooling down at the end.


I've checked the file settings in Cura and the cool-down is enabled. I've also printed older files that I know worked in all respects and the cooldown / bed return aren't functioning on those either. I'm using the same PLA filament as always and can't see any obstructions anywhere that may prevent the job from sliding forward upon completion.


Any insight / ideas are appreciated.



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