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Confused by firmware update process for LD-002H

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I’m trying to update the firmware on my LD-002H so I can use the new version of Chitubox (1.9). 

The video instructions show

  • three files that need to be flashed ft “chuanxing3.5.logo”, the firmware file in a “.bin” format and “update.lcd”
  • The next file that needs to be flashed separately is the screen firmware in a “.CBD” format

The firmware package I downloaded only contains the .bin, .CBD and an update(1).lcd file with no .logo file at all.

I don’t want to brick my printer, so what are the instructions?  Do I just ignore the fact that the “chuanxing3.5.logo” file is not there?  Do I need to rename “update(1).lcd” to “update.lcd”? 

The fact that the details in the firmware instructions video are completely different from the provided firmware package makes the whole process very confusing. 

Please help.


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