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No files detectable by the printer LD-002H on the USB

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The delivered USB-stick is not working (he is not detectable by any Windows PC, so when put in the printer, no files are indicated.

So I made a new one, put some files (yes, short names and the correct .ctb-ending) on it, but still the printer is not able to indicate, that there are files available.

For the moment, I assume, that the printer needs a certain file structure on the USB-stick to detetc the files.

Unfortunately I cant find on the Creality ANY files for this particular printer, no firmware, no files on Github.



Finalyy I found the problem: Due to bad luck, the delivered USBstick AND my best private USBstick was not compatible with the printer.

After reading from another user of a different brand, that he tested 10 (!!) USBsticks, I decided to give a try.

Well, it worked.

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After you changed in a good USB flash drive and put the correct file and file name, like [test.ctb](your file structure is fine), we can assume it is the printer/USB port issue. It normally works if you restart the printer with the flash drive on it. Several users have similar problems and you can ask the seller for more details.