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LD002H – Can't Change Settings on the Fly?

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I am trying to dial in a print, having trouble getting matter hackers resin to stick to the build plate. I’ve been changing the bottom exposure time on the printer my last few tries, it was originally set to 90 seconds. I changed it to 45 and decided to time it and despite changing it on the machine, it still went the full 90 seconds.


Is it not possible to change settings during the print? Anyone else have any luck with matter hackers resin? Thanks all

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first of all: NO, it is not possible to perform ANY changes during a print. Once you have stgarted a job, you finish it or stop it.

You are experiencing apparently the typical problems: your object does not stick to the plate. I experienced that a lot in the meantime and  follow now a standard procedure.

1. you start chitubox-slicer and move your object at least 5mm in z-direction. Then you add a BIG raft (raft shape skate/raft shape ratio depending on your object, but do it as big as possible)

2. then you add a lot of supports at the bottom of your object.


Please see on Youtube this video:


3. Important is to mention, that after you started the print job, you wait just till 150 layers are printed, then you press pause to check, if everythin went normally so far. This avoids waste of material/time/nerves!!

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