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[Sticky] LD-002R – UV light not work

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Hi, I have bought a LD-002R. I have done one print. After one week widout print I decid to create another print and the UV light do not apear. I saw some tutorials about the replacement the LCD screen. After that I’ve remove the flat LCD cabe to check if the problem was in the LCD and no UV light appears.
There is no one month that I bougth the 3d printer. I did only one print. I need help and support to fix the problem.

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@diasrodri UV light is the most important part of the resin printer. It is like the engineer of the car. no light no power. The UV light of LD-002R is old technology. I think that it’s not that reliable. 

I recommend you contact the seller to send you a replacement for free. 

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The screen should have displayed a rectangle in that video.

If you could check one more thing that would be a big help (I know that you have already done this).

  1. Power off machine
  2. Remove side panel of printer
  3. Remove LCD ribbon cable from the mainboard, ensure that connector is clean (and if you have isopropyl alcohol or a way of cleaning the connectors and board that would be helpful) and undamaged (if you could please send a photo of the connectors)
  4. Check for anything that may be shorting the board, i.e. dead insects
  5. Plug LCD ribbon cable back into machine and close side panel
  6. Run calibrate screen function