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LD-002R become LD-002H after firmware update

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Hello all,

today i updated Chitubox to 1.9. It told me before downloading that i need update firmware of my 2R. So i went here and downloaded the package 4.3.16 F2.21.

Upack it. Load into flash disk. Plug into the printer. Choose print and firmware with BIN ext. Pressed PLAY and wait. When it's done i powered off and on and it loaded as usual.

I tried to print an old 3D model and it told me that the resolution is wrong.

I went into INFO and saw that the printer is now LD-002H with resolution 1620p. Funny how it can update the physical screen resolution.

Luckily i have F2.18 saved because i met that issue before while updating to F2.19.

Later i went here for the firmware 4.4.3 and it happens again as described above.

Does anybody have the latest version 4.4.3 for Chitubox 1.9?

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