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Halot One – Please add a cleaning timer

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Please add a possibility to define the cleaning time. Thanks

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Hi all, I’m a newbie to resin 3d printing, just got a Halot One a couple days ago. I have had a failed print and I’m thinking to use the ‘Cleaning’ function on the printer to clean the debris of the bottom of the vat. This is where the UV light is turned on for about 30s to solidify a thin layer at the bottom of the vat which is then peeled off. Is it a bad idea to do this if the resin in the vat is translucent? The UV light will make it’s way up and cure all the resin in the vat instead of just a thin layer on the bottom wouldn’t it? My CC Pay

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Do you have to do a vat clean after each print? I clean with ipa after i filter the resin into the bottle. Then clean the vat with ipa til it runs clear.