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Ancien Firmware LD-002R

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I recently updated my LD002-R to the latest Creality firmware and since then when I print the machine has random pauses while printing. I would like to go back to the old firmware, the one delivered with the LD-002R but I can't find it on the creality site! does anyone have this old firmware? thanks in advance

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Make sure you have all the files for one set of the firmware on an empty thumb drive. When you power it on, it should beep a few times before the UI comes on. Then you navigate to the files on the thumb drive and print each one out one-by-one. You cannot do it partially. I had the same problem. United Healthcare

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The LD-002R is a resin 3D printer produced by the company Longer3D. It is likely that you are referring to an old firmware version for this device. I recommend checking the manufacturer’s website or contacting their support for information on how to obtain and install the latest firmware version for your LD-002R.

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