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Why do students mingle the concept of narrative essay with a descriptive essay?

There are over a dozen academic writing types, and each essay has great unique importance and purpose. Usually, the newbie students mingle the concept of one essay with another writing piece. It happens due to an insufficient understanding of the essay's idea. Ultimately, students mix the concept of various essay topics with one another solicitation to professionals write my essay for me.


Especially when it comes to writing a comprehensive descriptive writing piece or narrative essay, the students fret out due to insufficient knowledge about both essays' genres. As both essays' primary watchword is the same, that is why the students get confused while writing a persuasive or narrative essay, respectively.



Let's highlight the primary theme of a descriptive essay and narrative essay. 



  • Descriptive essay


It is one of the genres of academic writing. It demands an essay writer to describe a particular subject in detail. The subject could be about a random person, thing, or place. However, a writer must have an emotional attachment to the subject. Furthermore, the reader must enjoy themselves reading the entire essay. 


Drawing a moving picture of the scene is essential. Doing so is not an easy task. A scribbler has to involve the sensory details in the text. 


Narrative essay 

It is another type of academic writing. It urges the students to recall the real-life events that occurred in its life. A college essay writer must narrate the entire essay in chronological order. Furthermore, all the events should be explained in a regular time-frame. 


The author must also illustrate a topic in detail by highlighting all the characters involved in the topic. Moreover, a scribbler writes the entire essay as the readers should give their opinion regarding the situation. In short, the narrative essay invites the targeted audience to have an open discussion regarding the topic. 



Understanding the differences between narrative essay and descriptive essay


There are minor differences between both essays. Once a student develops a complete understanding regarding both essays, it becomes much easier for them to subdue confusion about developing a deep-dyed understanding of both writing pieces.

  1. In narrative essay writing, a writer has to recall its real-life events that he had experienced in its past. On the other hand, in a descriptive essay, a writer must compose a detailed writing piece about a person, thing, or place.
  2. In a narrative essay, there are several characters involved in the event to make it absolute. However, in a descriptive writing piece, the entire essay revolves around the essay's author and the primary subject.
  3. In a narrative writing piece, the entire essay has to be explained in a regular time-frame. As far as descriptive essay writing is concerned, no such restriction is involved in a descriptive writing piece.
  4. A narrative essay demands the author to explain the entire essay in chronological order. On the other hand, a writer gets the flexibility of describing a specific subject in a freestyle.
  5. The narrative essay urges a writer to trigger an open discussion in such a way as the readers should give opinions regarding the situation. On the other hand, a descriptive writing piece does not require a writer to urge the readers to provide ideas regarding the topic.


It is essential to mention here that students must keenly observe the writing pieces of a well-reputed essay writing service. It will help you in creating a handy writing piece and subduing the hesitation level in the students. 

Once a student learns the differences between both essays, it becomes much easier for a scribbler to create a top-tier writing piece. It is essential for students to stay motivated and dedicated to learning the predefined rules related to each essay type. Otherwise, it becomes challenging for students to compose a presentable writing piece.


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