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Janome C30 Sewing Machine Review


Janome is a well-known brand in the sewing machine market, especially for budget-friendly products. The Janome C30 is sort of that. The first thing we can talk about this C30 model is that it is the best entry level sewing machine, cheap and but featured-rich.


It comes with just 30 built-in stitches options, including basic and fashion, quilting, knit, and decorative stitches. All you need to start learning sewing from scratch and customize it in your project. Noted that the SPM of this machine is pretty high, recorded as 820 stitches per minute.


Janome C30 Sewing Machine


The Janome C30 has a special drop-in bobbin and an LCD display for you to observe your sewing like professional. Alongside the screen, you will find some interesting buttons which help your sewing more convenient, such as a locking stitch button or easy reverse button.


Weight 11 pounds only; this is one of the most lightweight sewing machines in the market. It is compact and portable to move around without strain.


The last highlight of the machine is its useful pack of accessories which are 4 presser feet and a few accessories. The machine doesn’t come with a lot of items, but all the most-needed and basic features are well covered.


It is capable for you to learn sewing from scratch and start sewing something simple such as rough-finished pillowcases or repairing cloth. 30 stitches options are well covered all these basic sewing practices. Plus, the machine is easy-to-use and understands the instruction. It doesn’t look advanced for an entry-level sewist.


In fact, the Janome tries hard to remain its instructions as simple as possible, especially for the middle price segment. Reasonable price, portable, and full-featured, the machine is considered as the best sewing machine for beginners for years.


Then, our personal advice is that no matter how easy-to-use it is, you are better taking the time to read the instructions carefully and get to know about the machine well before start sewing with it.

In comparing with the traditional machine, the needle lift-drop button makes the process much easier than turning the wheel. In the needle plate, the machine provides a light which helps sewists to sew with confidence even in the low light condition.


Thanks to the technology, everything seems to be easier than ever, speedier and more convenient.

It has a removable storage compartment under the arm, which is also turned into a free arm and be a great small opening for sewing with larger space. The arm is also useful in keeping stitches straight forward.


30-Stitches including one-step Buttonhole


Overall, there is a pretty good sewing machine with high-quality performance. However, it is a model in middle price segment with a thin plastic case covering the machine. The plastic item makes it look like a low-quality department store bag.


If you don’t bother much about this plastic cover, so this machine is quite a good candidate for your best first sewing machine KJiyMbl.gif to consider.

Not to mention that this Janome product has 25 years warranty - one of the longest duration in the market. The Janome C30 is such a good deal that we can’t miss out.

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