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Learn the Art of Putting Examples in Your Essay 


The art of putting examples is not easy. I learn it the hard way and that is why I have gathered some points regarding this topic to facilitate you if you are going through the same problem as an essay writer. If you don’t know how to add examples in your essay then there is no need to worry at all. This article will help you out.




When to add examples 

Evidence and examples lay the foundation on which your claims can stand steadily. If you will not add any example or evidence in your essay then it will lose its credibility. Therefore it is important to provide evidence when you introduce an example and it should link with your presented arguments. 


You can introduce an example in your essay when you want to state any information which is not common. When you want to clarify any of your statement then it is best to illustrate with an example to make your readers understand your point of view. In case you want to distinguish between two or more concepts then you can use examples to show the difference.


Use examples in introduction 

By giving an example in the start of the introductory paragraph is a unique and good way to begin your essay. It prompts the reader to read your essay and to understand what you are trying to say. This is another way to essay writing service hook your reader’s attention and make your essay effective.


This not only makes essay simple and understandable but also ensures that the essay has a nice flow to it. It makes easy to follow your work thus increasing chances of getting good grades.


Use clear illustrations

Adding examples in your essay does not make your work good enough to secure higher marks. Choose relevant illustrations to support your ideas that you have included in your essay. It is better to include examples after completing your one point of view. It can clear ambiguities of the reader if he finds your point difficult to understand.


Research your topic 

While writing an essay, just looking at one example essay is not enough. You have to research thoroughly when looking for an example. You need to see that in what context the researcher has used a certain example and either it is appropriate for your to write my essay or not. If the example suits your essay and it goes with the context as well then you can put that example otherwise search for some other instances.


Use Linking words 

When you write an essay make sure that your instructor understands your topic. To make the flow between your examples and subject matter, try to use connecting words. Here are some common words that you can use while putting an example in your essay:


  • Such as
  • Namely
  • For instance
  • Take, for example
  • As an illustration
  • For example
  • To illustrate


These words can help the examiner to identify that where examples are used and it becomes quite easy to understand the topic.


Be certain about your examples 

If you are writing an essay of history or science subject then the essay help carefully state the facts. Research deeply all the examples that you want to add in your essay to find out that if they are true or false. Remember that never use an inaccurate citation in your essay. Your instructor can easily figure that out and then you have to defend yourself for quoting wrong examples.


Choose effective example for your essay 

If you want to give several examples in your essay then choose the best ones for your paper that shows the direct relation with your ideas. Keep one thing in mind that only use one example to support your particular idea. Using multiple examples for single idea can be too confusing and unnecessary. 


Hopefully, these tips will guide you while writing your essay. There is another way as well if you are not confident enough to write a college essay. You can avail essay writing service to get your work done. You will get quality work without any delay.


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