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[Sticky] Y Axis bearings balance?

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Hi – CR10 V3 – I had multiple prints stopping at the same spot, dumping a little filament and then just staying stuck. After enough, and leveling the bed, and balancing the whole printer on a flatter surface… getting frustrated. So I checked to see if the bed wobbled – it didn’t. Then I felt underneath and noticed some of the bearing wheels just spin loosely. A few of them, when turned, roll the whole bed, but the rest just move freely. So I started trying to equalize/level them. Ended up taking the bed off so I could see better. Couldn’t figure out why they wouldn’t tighten equally… THEN realized 3 of them (offset) have a different configuration than the other three. With different washers etc. 

Now totally confused. Don’t want to put it together wrong, but nothing I do gets ALL the wheels to even mildly grip the rail equally. What am I doing wrong? Are three supposed to grip and three supposed to do nothing?? Does anyone know why half are different, why any of them are loose… and if this would cause my print that all stop at the same point (8 o’clock if you’re facing the front of the machine)? 

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kevin kevin 03/06/2021 4:09 pm

Do you mean eccentric Nut? Hope these two videos could help you.

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Sharing my similar story.  I have 2 machines that the nuts went loose after few months of usage which causing unbalance bed, I just tight all of them as usual and then every prints went fine.. they are CR10S and Ender3Max.