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Why would I have to change temperatures to repeat good printing?

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I have been using an ender 3 V2, my first 3D printer, for a few months, and have successfully printed many objects designed using Tinkercad & Cura. Yesterday I used a spool of PLA+ that has been stored in a vacuum sealed bag with drying pellets to successfully print several flat objects with no adhesion support. Today I rechecked leveling but I could not get good prints until increasing nozzle temperature from 200 to 215, and then upped bed temperature from 60 to 70. Each change improved bed adhesion on a flat test pattern  Now I am successfully printing objects again, but at these new temperatures.

Is this due to some change in filament moisture content? The spool was left exposed overnight, didn’t think it would change so quickly but yesterday and today we have had high humidity.

kevin kevin 25/06/2021 2:48 pm

Interesting and I think you are right. Because I can’t think of any other variables.