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[Sticky] What could cause my ender 3 pro with 4.2.7 board and bltouch to not not level or print?


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Ive done the full install calibrated the sensor, adjusted my z-axis settings and im still getting really bad prints or its blobs of filament. any help will be most welcomed. 

Can you describe your problem in detail and share the print of a bad model?

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So I have gone through all the set up steps, done the full install. im at the point where it is recommended to do a test print so im using my test pattern and i will get three on the nine test squares almost perfect three that are ify and three that look like like they tried. i have included a picture of the print. I have also updated my slicer to include the necessary Gcode start formula for the BLTouch, with the same result.

It looks like a very old hotbed. How long has it been used? I am not sure if your BL-touch is working, but there is a possibility that the bot bed is too uneven. The BL-touch only measured 9 points, it is not enough. I recommend you buy a new glass bed.

So, update Ive replaced the bed plate with a brand new one im still running into a similar issue but to a lesser extent. The plate appears to be level i will be test that in the next few days. 

Yep, the lesser extent means it works.



It looks like to me that the right side of the bed is perfect, but you need to raise the left side of the bed.  Even with bl-touch, you still want to turn the knobs below and level the bed as best as you can.