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Vertical delamination? or something idk ive never seen the movie


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SO, i got a ender 5 its pretty cool really wanna become a printer ninja that can one day make hologram watches with cloaking camo functionality.. lol 

anyways but rn im just starting out and ive gone through some initial challenges on my own successfully (setting things up, getting a good first layer etc) 

but now im experiencing another issue, it appears as though vertical layers (walls?) are not adhering properly to eachother, and maybe not layers at all? again im not sure, my prints are coming out shoddy but im not sure if its multiple issues or if its all this one issue. What i found that most closely sounded like my problem was delamination.

I have tried all apparent solutions for delamination - raising nozzle temp, fan speed, print speed, filament tension, flow rate. I've also tried experimenting with other settings including number of walls, top layers, bottom layers, layer heights. 

All of these have produced the same consistent problem. 

Thus, i have come to lay my self at the feet of you wise elders, and beg of you to bless me with your knowledge so that i might continue my upon my quest. 

I've attached a few images showing the vertical delamination thing on a simple box top and one of seemingly printing such delamination right into the print? 

uh nvm it only lets me attach one picture it seems like?

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the pictures are not clear but I can probably tell what happened out there. 

One way to find where the issue comes from is to print a test file inside the sd card. If the model turns out fine, then you need to check your slicing settings like the nozzle size or line width.

If the model has the same issue, check the material you are using. Filament quality also impacts the results. 

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