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I have had an ender 3 Pro for a few years. The micro sd card slot failed. So I looked for a new board seen lots of options. Don't know what's best to do so figured ask people that know. I could do with advice on what works together and my best options.While I am at it I am fed up of the leveling so figured the bl touch should be done at the same time so If some boards are more compatible that's a factor. I have it in the office with me so noise cutting would be a bonus as would the newer firmware with thermal runaway. I have seen octopi mentioned for the bed leveling and time lapses. Is this a bit of a pain to sort? I have had a little experience with the pi's and arduinos but if it's more of adding to the fun of modding the printers rather than performance I am not overly concerned. I would rather just have something that runs well than more to go wrong. 

Hi, I have an Ender 5 pro. I changed the motherboard to V4.2.7 board. I also installed the BL touch. They work fine using the firmware from the creality site.

I used octopi to set the z-offset only because I already have a raspberry pi. Also, I dont have to have the computer next to it as the raspbery pi has wifi built in. I have also used repetier but I needed to connect to a computer via a USB cable. I used a youtube video to set the z-offset. So far, cross fingers, all working ok.

By the way, the stock creality firmware seems to store eprom settings on the SD card so you need to keep the eprom file on the SD card after loading the firmware.

I find that the V4.2.7 board is only slightly noisier than the V4.2.2 board, but then perhaps its only me being pedantic.

I hope that helps.

I totally agree with you, I would rather see the printer is working well. I hate the bugs, they drive me crazy. 

You can choose the silent mainboard and BL-touch kits below. They can work together very well.