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Upgrade gone wrong


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I am really new to this and probably bit off more than I can chew. Anyway, I upgraded my ender 3 pro to the new silent 4.2.7 board with a CR touch and the all touch screen. everything was working fine. However now the screen will not load all the time and when it does it beeps when touched the first time and does not change the screen. Any other touch will not get any response no beep nothing and it stays locked up. It will not do anything. So I looked up somethings and followed one guide on how to load the DWIN_set file into the screen and now it is worse. I apparently loaded the wrong DWIN_set file for the all touch screen and now have a giant paper weight. All attempts to find the correct DWIN_set file for this have been a complete failure. If anyone has any ideas I will try anything to get this back to running again. Thank you for your help.