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Tried to install a CR Touch on my Ender-3 v2. Now I have a statue.

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Bought the CR Touch from Amazon and was excited to have automatic bed leveling. I followed the directions and when I got a firmware that worked, none of the stepper motors would move.

What can I do to get back to operating?

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Hi Mate,

What version of the firmware are you running and was it from the Creality support page?

Have you also tried disconnecting the ABL and reverting to a known good branch of the firmware to ensure that the issue is being caused by the firmware and not an issue with the ABL installation?

It may also be worthwhile compiling your own, as per this guy.


I gave up on the Creality firmware some time ago and the difference in the amount of control you get is night and day.  

kevin kevin 22/07/2021 6:14 pm

Hi. Agree with you!