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Prints fine at edge of bed but not at all at center bed?

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I have had my Ender 3 V2 for less than 3 weeks.  First two prints were not bad. I had upgraded to the Capricorn XS bowdoin tube before the first print BTW.

So, I installed the aftermarket red metal extruder, just because, but ditched it for various reasons and sent it back after ordering the gray metal Creality extruder.

After reinstalling the stock extruder and getting the bed truly levelled (upgraded yellow bed springs), the hot end lays down a nice line on the left edge of the bed but WILL NOT print in the center of the bed. I see the blue extruder manual wheel moving but no filament comes out.  If I cancel the print and kill the stepping motor and raise the hot end vertically over the center of the bed, and turn the blue manual extruder wheel, hot filament comes out the hot end.


I have rebooted, checked the level in the center of the bed, these print attempts are objects that printed fine before. The new Creality extruder came today, so installed that, trimmed the filament back to virgin PLA, figuring the new upgraded extruder would fix the problem.  I even adjusted the spring tension on the extruder to see if it made a difference. 

I am totally puzzled.  At start of printing it prints just fine down the left side of the bed and back, but when the hot end heads to the center to start the print job, no plastic comes out even though I see the blue manual wheel turning.


How to trouble shoot this? 


The last thing I did other than the extruder swap, was download the Filament Friday bed leveling file to the micro sd, but I cannot see the file on the sd so have not run it.


Thank you for any input.