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Please Help! Ender 3 Pro - No TF Card


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I have had my Ender 3 Pro for a couple of months and it has been working fine. Today I inserted my SD card with the file I want to print, the screen shows "Card Inserted" and instead of it saying "print from TF Card" it says "No TF Card". The card is inserted and the file is on the card. I have tried turning the printer off and back on. Off with card in, then back on. Off without card, back on then insert card. Nothing!


SD card is corrupt. Had the same thing yesterday because I forgot to eject the sd card from my pc. Had to download software to format the sd card, then it worked again.

Thank you, this was also my problem. I was printing several models and would switch between 2 TF cards. I inserted the alternate TF card with the next model on and the machine froze. Believing the card was good, having just used it, I tried power on and off, with and without the TF card. I also removed the TF extender I use. Nothing. Moved the TF card to my computer and the computer flashed the drive light, but told me to insert a card on drive "E", which is where the card was. Thank you again. I was in the process of trying to re-flash the main board on my ender 3 pro  thinking it had crashed instead of just the TF card.

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