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[Sticky] Objects printing with a honeycomb effect on an Ender 3 v2


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We have an Ender 3v2 that was purchased 6 months ago. Initially the print was extremely good and high quality however we had to change the location of the printer and since relocating it have not been able to print correctly. While the printer will create the print, the quality is very poor and has a honeycomb effect to it - although the base prints correctly. We are using Cura 4.9.1 to slice and Marlin 2.0.1 firmware On a 4.2.2 board (these have not changed). Our printer is unmodified and we are using standard PLA filament at a nozzle temperature of 200 degrees and a bed temperature of 60 degrees. We are using the recommended slicer settings from ALL3DP -
Printing temperature: 200 °C
Bed temperature: 60 °C
Speed: 50 mm/s
Layer height: 0.12 mm
Retraction: 6 mm @ 25 mm/s
Infill: 20%
Initial layer speed: 20 mm/s
Initial fan speed: 0%

We have attached a photo with an original print (the white cat on the left) and the current print (blue cube on the right) to show the difference in quality.

We are very new to 3D printing and so are looking for any suggestions or advice on how to restore the print quality

All that has changed is the printer's location, and of course, you have to check, did you change anything when you moved it.

Loose wires?  screws? or somethings like that. Good luck!

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