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My sliced files are not printing


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Ok so I have an ender 3d pro with I upgraded to the 4.2.7 main board.

I apologize for the newbie question, but I have not been able to find a solution.

When I print the creality provided gcode files that came with the printer I get a perfect print.  I may be wrong but this tells me the printer is level and functioning normally.

My issue is that when I slice anything in the latest Cura, it just does not work.  The printer prints the starter line on the left side beautifully, then when it goes to start printing the object it just dosent stick or extrude at all.  I have tried diffrent profiles from a bunch of YouTube guys with no success.  I am sure I am missing something, I just can't find it.

This printer was a gift for my very creative 12 year old for us to work on together and he is quickly loosing interest.  Please help us.

Thank you