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LCD Shutoff


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I have a CR!10 and it was fine then the LCD shut off and now will on flash one time on power up..


I have tried resetting and checked all connections and still the same issue 

I have downloaded what I believe to be the correct firmware onto an empty SD set up with Fat32 and put in then powered and and still the same....  

I don't have an arduino or way to do a bootloader or whatever the internet keeps talking about 

please help if you can!


How long you have this printer? The screen may be failed. 

To flash firmware for Cr 10, you need to use a USB cable to a PC. The SD card method only works for the boards. 

You can connect the printer to a PC and use a gocde sender to control it. If all the functions are fine, then the firmware should be ok and you need to check the physical parts.

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