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can anyone help me pls , just bought ender 3 and built set up etc . but it wont print .. its just stuck on extruder heating even tho the extruder is showing correct temperature.. thanks 

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I'm having the same problem. It's trying to lay down filiment but its extremely thin and stringy and I cant even get it off the glass now. It's like it's a stain. God I bought a 275 dollar paperweight



I just bought my Ender 3 Max, and I also purchased the BL Touch.  I went to install the BL Touch, and then it stated I needed to install a firmware.  I tried my best, but the directions are really hard to read for someone that doesn't know coding or anything like that.  So basically I bricked my new 3D printer.  Now I need to find out how to install the firmware back onto my system.  I have the 32 bit board.  I just want to find out how to install this so I can start printing.  Please any help is greatly appreciated seeing how Creality doesn't really help with customer service.  

Thanks again.

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