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How to connect Ender 5 Pro to a PC ? I have problems...


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Dear all,

I have just wanted to calibrate an extruder in my almost brand new Ender 5 Pro. I have read a lot, seen videos and decided to use either MatterControl or RepetierHost software. Anyway it doesn't matter. I tried to connect two computers with Win10 to my Ender using three different USB cables and couldn't manage. My MS Surface found a connection on COM3 port but "didn't see" the printer while the second computer - DEL XPS - didn't recognize the connection at all.
Before anyone shout out 🙂 - I did install FTDI USB drivers provided on the Creality CDROM, then I even installed CH340 drivers just in case. Nothing happened. Neither MatterControl nor Repetier could connect to my printer.

I would like to notice, that Ender works great with OctoPrint via USB.

Did anyone from you, dear users, meet such problem and can help the novice :), please ?




In some cases, com port 3 was not released by MatterControl.