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Homing Failed on very 1st test print of Ender3Pro


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My name is Tony and I am a total noob at 3D Printing. I just received my Ender 3 Pro a few days ago and have followed the directions and a few videos  and have it setup and the Bed leveled. I really have 2 things. 

1. Homing Failed

2. Firmware update

 So first things first...Yesterday I tried printing the cat test file from the MicroSD card that came with the printer and the printer comes alive and moves from the home position at the bottom Left and starts moving towards the right of the bed an looks like its trying to print but nothing comes out of the print-head. Maybe I didn't push the filament far enough into the catch for it to grab it.....but regardless, the printer head keeps doing its thing as if its ghosting a print-job and slowly moves all the way off the right-side of the bed to where the print head extruder is directly over the metal bezel to the left-side of the LCD screen. At this point the print head keeps trying to move further or at least that's what I think its doing because it hits the bolted pully assembly on the far-right of that axis (the assembly that holds the pully for the belt). It sounds like the stepper motors are trying again and again as it makes the click,click,click sound then it stops and my LCD says: 

Homing Failed

Printer Halted

Please Reset


Lastly, I was watching a video on updating the firmware on the Marlin on my Printer. Most all the videos I watched talked about updating it from the older 1.9 version to the new 2.0. My current FW version is 1.0.1. Can I upgrade it to the latest 2.0+ directly from 1.0.1 okay or do I need to do this incrementally?


Like I said, I am a noob with this 3D Printer stuff but I am fairly tech savvy.

Thanx for any videos, links or help you can provide.