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[Sticky] help me please with these waves. I'm new to this. Ender 3 Pro

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after printing for about 4 weeks without any problems, suddenly the prints came out like seen in the pictures. They look like they are producing some kind of waves. I had this result with different Filaments (PLA).

What I did so far:

  • Exchanging the plastic Extruder with an aluminium one
  • Changing to a new nozzle
  • Leveling the bed accurately
  • Tighten all screws (altough they didn’t have to)
  • Playing with temperatures
  • Adding up to 20% to the feed

Nothing helped. What else can I do? Did someone have a similar problem before?


Thank you!!

gbartley gbartley 26/03/2021 12:03 pm

I had a few issues getting prints to work correctly but I stumbled onto this site and found it was a big help. Looks to be a temperature related issue, are you printing pla?

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Hi, looks like you did everything that I could think about. But have you made the nozzle throat clean enough?

If it does not work, try another slicing software.


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Hey, thank you for your help and the links! I figured out what the problem was and I would like to let you know, in case someone has a similar problem. Turned out that one of the two screws at the bottom of the Z axis was loose, as seen here. ?resize=756%2C1008&ssl=1

Maybe it wasn’t tight enough or it loosened itself over time. So, it seems that I did not really thighten ALL screws ? 


Thanks again!


@philosolver Hi, are you sure the problem is Z-axis lead screws? As the result looks like Z-axis or Y-axis, or the extruder issues. ? ? Looking forward to your reply. Are you sure that you did not adjust anything else?


Whit this upgrade I cannot print and i don’t know why