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[Sticky] Halot One stuck in loading after trying to update firmware


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I tried to update my Creality Halot one again and selecting upgrade,the printer downloaded from the USB the firmware and it showed failed. It reverted to the  previous menu where the upgrade option was available. I selected again upgrade and since then the printer is stuck in the creality logo guy at the begining. There is no animation. Tried to unplugg the printer and reconnect ->started it -> the axis moves like before but the loading screen still frozen.


Any advise on what i can do to fix it ?


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I am stuck with the exact same problem. Please let me know if anything works. I have tried restarting, putting previous software and much more but it all does not work. 

Thank you!

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@jessevanginkel i added to this topic what i received. Hope this helps

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i don't understand why this process isn't available on Creality forum. I mean, what's the point of having a troubleshooting topic if this is not pinned as main forum topic.